Saturday, July 4, 2009

And they're off!

Wait, that's horseracing. "Start your engines" is for cars. I don't know what it is for biking or spinning.


I'm participating for the first time in Le Tour de Fleece. It's a personal spinning challenge that corresponds to the dates of the Tour de France - July 4 - July 26. I've set myself a goal of spinning three braids of merino, a total of 8.5 oz. The results will be sold off in the shop. So I've got three braids - turquoise, red (dyed by Extreme Spinning), and pinks/purples (dyed by Maude and Me).

Red Dragon topTurquoise topClouds at Sunset

I'll be starting a new job and going to a wedding in the Chicago area towards the end of the tour, so that will add to the challenge.

And some of the blue CVM in progress (dyed and drying). At the top is Copenhagen Blue, with some purple; middle is Navy Blue; lower is Blue.

Assorted blues

More dyeing and spinning planned for today, and I've got three skeins drying that have been long overdue for the finishing process. Since I've got two spinning groups in the next three days, I wanted to get them done for show and tell. Two of the skeins will be for me, and one will be for the shop.

Happy 4th of July!

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