Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another package!

Today I got a biggish box in the mail - wool I had ordered from Sheep Shed Studio.

This started out as a 3 pound order of undyed superwash wool top, because my best friend had requested yarn to make a sweater. Then I thought, hey, I could do that too - so I decided on 5 pounds, enough for a sweater for myself as well as for her.

Then I saw all the colors that they sell, and noticed postage didn't change all that much after the first few pounds, so I ordered a few different colors...
Opening the box

...and a bag of "dye soppers" (pieces of wool in random colors, basically leftovers of both wool and dye).
Dye Soppers

And then I decided I should just make my order an even 10 pounds, so I added another pound of undyed superwash.
Undyed superwash top


Here it is, in all its glory!
SSS Order July 2009

(And the alpaca silk I started yesterday is beautiful. And wonderful to spin. I should finish it this weekend.)

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  1. I know this is a post from forever-ago, but thanks for sharing the supplier! I might just have to order something (everything!) from the Sheep Shed Studio. I've been looking for a source of just random bits of wool, and those dye soppers fit the bill.