Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Check me out!

I'm a yarnie on Ravelry!

I've grouped my yarns into 5 basic categories:
  • Soft and Squishy (merino or similar)
  • Soft and Strong (BFL, Corriedale or similar)
  • Soft and Silky (merino/alpaca and silk/silk-like fiber)
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy (Romney and the like)
  • Hotdish (random assortments of fiber)
My Etsy shop will (for now) just have the five categories, but on Ravelry 3 of the categories are divided by weight, which gives me 13 yarn names listed on Ravelry. Hotdish and (so far) Soft and Silky are each one category, but Soft and Silky will probably end up being separated out by weight once I get more made.

And (finally) I should have stuff for sale on Etsy by the weekend, including most of the skeins you've seen sneak peeks of!

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