Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I may have underestimated myself.

For the Tour de Fleece, I challenged myself to spin three skeins of yarn. I finished the first two in two days. They were smaller, so just over half of the total weight. The turquoise is much more vibrant in real life - a deep turquoise, kind of mediterranean.

I took Monday off, but I plan to make good progress on the red fiber today at one of my spinning groups. Since I'll still have over two weeks left by the time I finish that (barring some emergency), I'm adding to my challenge, and more than doubling the total weight of fiber to be spun. I'd like to spin up this wonderful alpaca and sari silk fiber:

Wool and silk batts

I have about 7 oz of this, so two larger skeins. Something around a sport-weight, maybe.

After that, this luscious 2-oz braid of alpaca/silk, lace to light fingering weight:

If I finish that, I'll set new goals, keeping in mind two hindering factors: I'll be starting a new job on July 21, and will be out of town on the last three days of the Tour de Fleece (and away from my wheel... probably... unless I bring it with me...) .

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