Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sale Extension and First Week of the Month

I'm extending the sale in the shop through the end of the State Fair (Labor Day): 20% off anything in stock.

The first week of the month is always full of spinning. I go to spinning groups the first Tuesday and first Sunday of the month, plus whatever I can fit in other days. Then I don't see many spinners at all for the next three weeks.

This week is particularly fiberful - in addition to the two spinning groups, I'll be spinning for demonstration at the State Fair on Saturday (5-9pm, Creative Activities building - come visit!) and this past Sunday I spent 7.5 hours carding fiber - lots and lots of fiber. And yet not enough. Round 2 will be another day... possibly another month. Most of the batts I made will be for personal use - I plan to make a sweater out of my handspun. But some will be for sale. There's some pink merino I'm quite fond of that I hope to put up soon.

Off to the spinning group!

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