Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shop Update and SALE

Hi all!

Major update at the shop, and a sale! Now through December 20, buy one item, get one at 50% off. The difference will be refunded via Paypal after purchase.

And now that I've finally gotten the shop updated, I'll get to spin some more!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I seem to be half a season behind.

Remember the beginning of October, when I couldn't bear the thought of fall colors and wanted bright summery colors?

Now that it's almost December, what do I want to spin? Earth tones.

I've carded a ton (and by "a ton," I mean roughly a pound) of autumnish colors, which are waiting to be spun.

All of these are Romney - the autumn tones are all from Flora's fleece, and the reddish one below also has about 15% alpaca in it.

I spun one batch, then realized I should be working on winter colors. So I started on that. This is from Pudge's fleece.
Well, maybe instead of thinking of it as half a season behind, I'll just think of it as 3 seasons ahead.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spinning and dyeing and carding, oh my!

I've been crazy busy at work for the past few weeks, so I haven't had much time for anything fibery. I take advantage of every spare minute, though.

The Weavers Guild of Minnesota is having one of its annual fundraisers this weekend - a Fiber Fair selling items made by its members. (The WGM gets a portion of the sales.) There's yarn, wearables, rugs, accessories (bags and such), beaded stuff, embroidery, just about anything with cloth or fiber you can think of. I'm one of the sellers, and I deactivated a dozen or so yarns from the Etsy shop to bring there, in addition to bringing some of my newer yarn.

It looks like some of them might have sold already without me getting a chance to show them off, so here are some pictures of yarn I've spun recently.

1. English Garden, 2. Wine and Roses, 3. Twylight, 4. Consignment yarn, 5. Obnoxious Orange, 6. Mauve, 7. SuperPink!, 8. Blue Icicle, 9. Forest Floor, 10. Flora - Autumn, 11. Blue Ice, 12. English Garden

And here is some fiber that I'm getting ready to spin, that I've dyed and/or carded.

1. More chestnut, 2. Wine and Roses, 3. Another Kitchen Sink, 4. Orchid, 5. Kitchen Sink batt, 6. Orchid, then, 7. Amazon Parrot, 8. Some might call it black. Or at least blackish., 9. Venus

Bigger pictures, along with some info about the items, are available when you click on the link to get to my flickr account.

If you can make it to the Fiber Fair, please do! There's lots of great stuff there.