Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Santa

Please bring me a drum carder for Christmas. Or at least help me to get one. Then I can do fun stuff with this:

I've been obsessed with sparkly stuff lately, so when I was at the Fiber Studio today for spinning group, I decided to buy some Firestar. There are three main types of sparkle-fiber or "glitz." The sparkliest and least soft is Angelina; the least sparkly but softest is Icicle; and somewhere in the middle of both is Firestar. Since Pam, who owns the Fiber Studio, didn't have any generic white/opalescent, I bought a little bit of pretty much every color she had. Shiny! (And speaking of shiny, here's one of my favorites from Etsy, and a quick shout-out to the artist, Mincing Mockingbird.)

So I'm saving up for a drum carder, but haven't actually decided which kind I want yet. Three have made my short list, but I've only used one. I'd like to test drive at least one of the others. In no particular order: Strauch Finest 405, Pat Green Deb's Deluxe (the one I've used), and Fancy Kitty.

I also bought some more alpaca silk dyed by Gale's Art - Deep Blue Sea colorway, and bluer than the picture makes it look. It's a combination of green, teal, blue, and purple.

And some Superwash BFL - the most intense blue I've ever seen - it practically glows. This was dyed by Happy Hands. The picture does not do it justice.

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