Monday, December 21, 2009

How time flies...

Over the weekend, I was told I hadn't posted anything recently. "Sure I have. I just posted something." No, my last post was over two weeks ago.

So, aside from working, errands, family time, chores, eating, and sleeping, here is some of what I've been doing.

Dyeing and/or carding:

Swapping fiber - here are some of the items I've received that I'll be spinning or have already spun:

Spinning - well, there's the problem, I've hardly taken any pictures of my recent yarn, I've been waiting for a big enough batch. So for the few that I do have pictures of, here are some how-it-becomes-yarn sequences:
1st row: dyed locks, combed top, a fine single, and finished yarn.
2nd row: dyed locks, flicked open locks, batts, and a mini-skein from the batts.
3rd row: original fleece, dyed and carded batts, singles on the bobbin, and the finished yarn.
4th row: original fleece, dyed and carded roving, a single on a bobbin, and the finished yarn.

So I'm keeping busy.

For the next 2 weeks, I'll be around my computer and spinning wheel even less - followed by a massive dose of spinning and, with any luck, more updates.

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