Sunday, January 27, 2013

Yes, my longest absence yet.  The funny thing is, I've spent more time "computering" for The Spinning Daisy than ever.  I've been working with a friend on creating a better website, with a gallery of repeatable colorways and other features, along with a behind-the-scenes database for administration.  We get together weekly and spend 2-4 hours on this, mostly learning from scratch which is why it's taking so long.  The minor aesthetic changes to the blog are a taste of what the new website will look like.  It's coming together, and I'm looking forward to unveiling more of it soon.

Meanwhile, the Etsy shop is still up and running, and if you use the coupon code HAPPY2013 at the checkout, you'll receive a 13% discount through the end of the month.  There's roving, top, batts, handspun yarn, and handdyed yarn, in all colors and sizes (well, many colors and sizes).  I've also added some natural-colored roving, and large amounts of spinning fiber - even sweater amounts.

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