Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Fiber Fever!

I'm gearing up for lots of fiber-filled fun this spring.  In late April, I'm going to Ohio for Stringtopia's Spring String Thing, where I'll be taking three classes from Beth Smith of the Spinning Loft:  Finish That Skein about different finishing techniques, Woolen and Worsted (about spinning techniques) and a Breed Study (about the characteristics of different sheep breeds).  These are all things I've learned the basics of from the internet, but this should be a more in depth experience with more explanation of the whys and wherefores.

Two weeks after that, I'll be staying local with Shepherd's Harvest, where I plan to take a course on the long draw technique from Stefania Isaacson and I hope not to come home overloaded with wool like I usually do.  I plan to bring a photo album (on my iPod or something small like that) of all the fleece and roving I still have so that when I'm distracted by the pretty, I can check to see if I already have pounds of something similar - and it's likely that I do.  I don't expect this to completely prevent me from buying anything, but maybe I can minimize the damage.

But all that is several weeks away, so meanwhile I'm spinning the fiber I have, knitting with my handspun, and continuing to build the site, including a new photo gallery (or two).  Stay tuned!

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