Monday, February 17, 2014


I'm recovering from the intense awesomeness of All Abby, All Weekend.  Sleeping until 11:30 this morning, then getting a 90 minute massage this afternoon helped.

Abby Franquemont was in town this weekend to give classes/workshops for the Weavers Guild of Minnesota.  Thursday she gave a talk on "Handspinning through History."  Friday was "All Spindles, All Day" (working on a low whorl spindle) and Saturday and Sunday I was in a two-day class on "Spinning for Projects," in which we learned a lot about spinning techniques and why one technique might be better for one type of project vs another, in more than the basic woolen vs worsted debate.  (And Saturday night a few of us went out after class with Abby, also fun.)

True to form, the majority of Abby's answers started with "It depends."  The awesome thing was that the vague short answer was followed by what it depended on (on what it depended, I should say), and why.  There were also a fair number of answers that included "Sample," and finally Sunday afternoon we heard "Four pounds."

I'm currently frustrated that I can't remember all the things I learned.  There were many times I thought "Wow" or "Mind blown," but now I don't know what prompted them.  So busy listening and learning I forgot to take notes.  People tell me that once I sit down at the wheel (or stand up with a spindle) it will come back, but what about all the life lessons that were part of it?  Will I get those back?

Despite that frustration, this was a great weekend.

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